How to Maintain a Safe Business Landscaping

A road in the winter with snow and tire tracks. Safe Business Landscaping

Safe Business Landscaping

Someone always falls into a pit, gets hit by a truck, or an anvil falling over their head.

Who takes care of security there? Somewhere, an asset manager is in big trouble.

When hiring a commercial landscaping company, ask them how they will keep your property and the people on it safe.

At Sudbury Landscaping Pros, landscape safety is a top priority. There’s even one person who takes care of it.

Our team performs comprehensive asset checks. We are always on the lookout for potential security risks. Your landscaping teams need to be proactive, pay extra attention to your property, make sure it’s safe.


Maintain a safe work environment 

You want to know that the landscaping crews at your safe business are using the machines correctly, protecting them and others on your site.

Any safety program should include safety and equipment training and weekly group meetings on current safety topics. Officials also meet to review any safety-related incidents, from broken windows to physical injuries, and develop a plan to prevent such incidents from recurring.


Landscape security:

A low spot on the lawn on your property can cause you to trip or sprain your ankle. Fill low areas with soil to level the ground, then seed or weed.


Cut the lower branches

Let the branches grow too low and a visitor walking and talking on the phone could hit them. Keep these potential landscape hazards trimmed and kept away.


Patrol play areas for landscape hazards

Children do crazy things, such as turning their knees or running as fast as they can without looking where they are going while holding an ice cream cone. Playgrounds require special attention to ensure the safety of children. Your landscaping crews should be on the lookout for poison ivy, underground beehives, and tripping hazards in the corners of the play scene. Also, be aware of the appropriate coating for play areas.

Most mulch manufacturers make mulch especially child-safe with softer edges to prevent compaction.

Overgrown shrubs don’t seem too dangerous. Malls with landscaped islands sometimes have out-of-control bushes that could obstruct the driver’s view.


Use defined contours for landscape safety

No whimsical banana peels are needed to cause a fall. Make sure the boundary between the lawn and the flowerbed is clear and defined. This helps prevent pedestrians from tripping.


Get rid of sidewalk weeds

As if the weeds weren’t enough, they get worse as they grow in sidewalk cracks and obscured curb edges.

Dangerous landscape:

Protruding sprinkler head

Sometimes sprinkler heads get stuck, sticking out of the ground a few inches instead of being safely below ground.

Green grade supervisors regularly walk through properties to check for protruding sprinklers that could trip people up.

Maintain a safe business environment with a green level

Honestly, it’s hard to know when an anvil will fall from the sky.

But some things you can control, such as the commercial landscaping company you hire to maintain a safe commercial landscape.

Choose a partner that puts safety first. Contact us for your next landscaping job